Thought Clothing

Thought is a sustainable, stylish eco-fashion label. Its roots lie in the Australian company, Braintree Hemp Clothing founded in 1995 in Sydney. In 2002, Braintree Europe was born in the wild city of London. The journey continues with the start of 2017: The label is being launched under the Thought name with a new, modern appearance: The aim of the realignment is to emerge with a new identity, which fits perfectly with what is typical of the brand and the people behind it. Based on the slogan “We are Thought”.

Thought likes to do things differently! The unique, independent fashion company has a simple philosophy: Create and produce beautiful, timeless fashion while respecting the environment. The company has worked with a great deal of passion from the beginning to ensure that only the best, natural, ecological materials are provided. Only sustainable fibres such as hemp, viscose made from bamboo pulp, Modal, Tencel and organic cotton are used. These materials are environmentally friendly as well as comfortable to wear.

The label offers a mix of classic cuts and versatile, individual clothing, underwear and accessories for men and women, that stand out because of their creative, fashionable and casual comfort and affordability. Unusual prints and diverse colours ignore traditional norms based on age - there is something for everyone.

Ethical principals

Thought will always stand for integrity on all levels:

  • Commitment to sustainable fashion
  • Responsible procurement of raw materials
  • Respect for society
  • Building long-term relationships with suppliers and partners
  • Considerate interaction with the environment

Thought is convinced that the quality of the products starts with the people who produce them, treating the environment in an ethically, irreproachable way. The company works exclusively with suppliers who share their values and are committed to adhering to ethically sustainable standards for their employees. The aim is to improve the working conditions in the supply chain and accept responsibility within the chain.

Every supplier must adhere to a code of conduct, which insists upon high health and safety standards. They agree to ensure that employees work under safe conditions, that they earn a living wage and that they can go about their tasks free from harassment and threats.

With Thought everyone can dress fashionably, ethically and sustainably.

Ethical Fashion Forum

The industry network, which supports a sustainable future for fashion.

Thought is proud to be a member of the Ethical Fashion Forum and the Fellowship 500. Both support Thought to be as sustainable as a company can possibly be.