Hemp Laptop Case

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Hemp Laptop Case

Environmentally friendly hardcase briefcase with two folding locks made of hemp, kenaf and flax. Soft interior padding and fixation material for laptop up to 15,4". With detachable padded DIN A4 velcro pocket. Padded detachable shoulder strap
  • Model: 48030

Briefcase / Hard Case / Laptop Case / Notebook Case

This case is a winner in terms of quality, as well as being a unique eye-catcher. The first-class craftsmanship using hemp, kenaf and flax makes this reliable companion very sturdy. Thanks to the natural fibre structure this briefcase is unique, while also grabbing attention with its extraordinary appearance. This hard case is secured with two toggle locks. With the soft inner lining, the practical use of internal space and the fixing strap, the case is also suitable for transporting a notebook. The well-padded, removable shoulder strap ensures a comfortable feel when carried. The high quality craftsmanship is noticeable immediately, and promises a long working life. The case and cover are pressed together entirely without adhesives - something for the environment to cheer about!

• Interior fittings: padded, grey velvet lining
• Lower case half: padded notebook compartment with
  practical fixing strap and velcro, to hold the notebook
  in place during transport
• Suitable for notebooks with a diagonal screen size up
  to 39 cm (15,4“)
• Upper case half: a removable, padded A4 velcro bag
  ensures perfect order
• This provide space for any number of accessories such
   as, for example, for presentation documentation, writing
   materials, a mouse, USB sticks or external Hard drives
   and keyboard, and much more.
• Also suitable for small notebooks with a diagonal screen
  size of up to 36 cm (14“)
• Optimal stability and protection against vibration thanks
  to a unique fibre structure
• Fixed close with two toggle hinge locks
• Comfortable to carry: study case grip
• Removable, adjustable carry strap with anti-slip
  shoulder padding
• Fixed in place with two snap hooks

Material: 30% hemp / 20% kenaf / 50% polypropylen

Outside dimensions: height 10 cm / width:42 cm / depth 32 cm

Inside dimensions: height 4 cm / width: 37 cm / depth: 25 cm

Volume: 3,7 l