Futon L 200cm W 200cm H 10cm

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Futon L 200cm W 200cm H 10cm

Handmade hemp mattresses from pesticide-free cultivation with very good moisture absorption and a firm surface elasticity. Core made of natural latex for high and durable point elasticity. Naturally antibacterial and antistatic, therefore germ and dust repellent. Suitable for allergy sufferers.

  • Model: 53020

A piece of traditional Japanese sleep culture!

Nowadays the futon is used as a conventional thin mattress or as a mattress top. Our hemp futon mattresses as well as our hemp mattresses are handmade and are made of a natural latex core, a layer of hemp fibres and another layer of sheep's wool. Natural latex provides a high, durable point elasticity, the antimicrobial hemp natural fibre inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi. In addition, the use of hemp guarantees a perfect temperature balance, nice and warm in winter and pleasantly cooling in summer. With this futon mattress you get the best natural materials combined with orthopaedic lying properties. Especially suitable for allergy sufferers.

  • Special sizes are available on request
  • Delivery takes place approx. 30 days after order
  • Pesticide-free cultivation
  • Excellent sleeping climate
  • Antibacterial and antistatic, therefore germ- and dust repellent
  • Very good moisture transport
  • Handmade
  • Suitable for allergy sufferers