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The Hemp Line

Feel the Nature on Your Skin

The Hemp Line is all about basics and underwear for women and men who want to make the grade when it comes to fashion and the environment. The label’s philosophy is that all beauty is found in nature. Only fabrics made purely from hemp or a mixture of hemp and organic cotton are used for the changing collections. The naturally coarse, slightly irregular fibre structure of the sturdy and durable hemp fabrics is what gives clothes from The Hemp Line their unique and unmistakable charm.

Hemp is naturally organic, and it is grown in an environmentally friendly manner. The plants are immune to insects and resistant to diseases, so pesticides are therefore not needed. Hemp grows extremely quickly, so herbicides to combat weeds are completely unnecessary. This provides critical assurance that hemp clothing not only looks good, it is also natural in every respect.

Clothing made from hemp is skin-friendly and highly recommended for people with sensitive skin. Its anti-static, temperature-regulating, antibacterial and moisture-regulating properties make it comfortable to wear.

The planning and design of the collections from The Hemp Line is undertaken in Germany. The same goes for the management of the textile production chain. The hemp fabrics and textiles are manufactured in China. The natural textile industry there now enjoys a strong ecological focus – they know exactly what’s important to customers in Europe and the US. Additionally, China is currently the only place where there is a sufficient raw material supply (hemp fibres) for textile processing. Asian farmers never stopped cultivating hemp, and no other country in the world has responded so quickly to the interest in hemp textiles as China.

The production facility is certified by the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and stipulates the best ecological and social conditions at its production sites. It guarantees adherence to the following statements:

  • In addition to hemp, cotton is processed from controlled organic cultivation
  • Only fabrics are used which are verifiably pollutant-free
  • Voluntary employment (no forced labour, ILO Conventions 29 & 105)
  • No discrimination (ILO Conventions 100 & 111)
  • No exploitative child labour (ILO Convention 138)
  • 20% higher wages compared to the average wage
  • No excessive working hours
  • Humane working conditions

Clothing from The Hemp Line is therefore not only good for the people who wear it, it is also both good for the environment and ethically acceptable.